Jyoti Sarolia Chairperson

aacssd@gmail.com PH: 619-227-1212

One of my favorite leaders, Mahatma Gandhi once said: "Be the change you want to see in the world". I was asked to join the board almost 7 years ago. For the last three years, my role in serving this community has been as your Chairperson. Serving our community has been a part of my upbringing and this value that I was given, made me want to share with our members here in the greater San Diego area. The last three years, my vision with the help of our board members has been to impart cultural connections within our membership buy bringing in more revenue, having many activities throughout the year just so our members especially our seniors and children could connect with year other. Each year, we try and improve year over year to deliver opportunities. I look forward to serving our members for years to come.


Versha Patel Secretary

vickyp@hotelhosts.com PH: 619-723-5152

My support of aacs came from the day it was founded 15 years ago by my husband, i saw the need for this type of organization in the san diego community to bring our asian families together in a more structured format to network socially, help educate our children on our culture, and to bring great resources and value to any of our hotelier members.


Kanti Patel Treasurer

kantigd@gmail.com PH: 858-353-6585


Raj Patel Ex-Officio

rb9093@gmail.com PH: 619-807-8481

Raj Patel is one of the founding fathers of the AACSSD. After years of extensive participation and involvement in the San Diego Gujarati community, Raj Patel has helped pour the concrete foundation of AACSSD to last a lifetime. Now he focuses on cultural preservation and event planning. His vision for the club is summarized with the following quote: "Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success.


Nilesh Patel 5 Southbay/ I-15

PH 619-368-3061


Sangita Patel 5 Southbay/ I-15

PH 760-807-3288


Vipul Dayal 5 Southbay / I-15

vipul@vnrmgmt.com PH: 972-896-5692

Vipul Dayal is a longtime member of AACSSD and is currently the North County Director. He is a Director at Large for the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA), Executive Director of his family’s nonprofit Charity for Hope, and President of VNR Management, an industry leading limited service hotel management and development company. Vipul has been recognized by The Young Professionals Committee of San Diego County as a Young Professional of the Month for his charitable work in the region. He was also awarded the 2015 AAHOA Outreach Award for Philanthropy for his work with Charity for Hope, and was recently selected to be a part of SD Metro’s prestigious list of 20 Men Who Make a Difference in San Diego.


Vinod Patel 8 East to 5 North


Vinod was born in Jinja, Uganda in June 1950 thus making him one of the senior members of the AACSSD board. Educated in England and moved to the US in Mar 1982. Had been an active member of Central Valley Gujarati Association from 1982 to 1997, holding the positions of Secretray, Cultural Chair, Vice President and President for the Gujarati Community in Merced area. After moving to Oceanside in 1997, his community affiliation continued by taking on the role of President of the Gujarati Samaj of San Diego during the few years he served on the Board. Presently serving as the member of the AACSSD Board. Keenly interested in promoting and propagating our rich cultural and religious heritage.


Jyoti Bhakta Point Loma/ Downtown

PH 619-840-1242


Tejal Patel 8 East to 5 North

PH 619-459-9112


Padmini Bhakta 5 Southbay to I15 North

pbhakta44@yahoo.com PH: 760-484-3928


Bharat Bhakta Point Loma / Downtown

Bobbhakta@yahoo.com PH: 619-840-1243

Together as one we can achieve more and better.


Ramesh Patel 8 East to 5 North

I like social work helping our community as much as I can also our kids and grandkids to understand our culture and involved with our samaj l also like to involved with senior activities.


Rita Patel 8 East to 5 North

PH 619-884-9844


Anup Patel Point Loma / Downtown

Anup@Ramadaseaworld.com PH: 619-225-1295

Anup Patel has been an active board member of the AACSSD for over four years and a member for over five. He provides over eighteen years of general management experience. He has served as a general manager for multiple successful companies, some of which he continues to lead. He served as president of the GUJARAT association of Trinidad and Tobago for over six years. Anup Patel is a leading force in the implementation of robotics in local elementary and middle schools in the San Diego area. He personally volunteers his time to organize and lead the school robotics programs at a local elementary and middle school. He strongly believes that preparing our future leaders should be our most important priority.


Rakesh Patel Point Loma / Downtown

PH: 619-319-4552


Who we are

We are a cultural origination that consists of Asian business owners and families. We originally came together as a social function to play sports and have our family’s fellowship. We are now a fully functioning organization with elections, sponsors and a charter.

We are a member-based organization, The Asian American Cultural Society of San Diego offers many benefits and service to its members. AACSSD members are eligible to participate in vendor relationships, discounts and multi-property bargaining power. Members and their families are able to participate in our many sporting, holiday and cultural events. The form to apply for membership is in the link below. While we consist mostly of hotel owners, we welcome all members of the Asian community in San Diego to join.